Hanging systems

Enjoy the privacy offered by curtains and drapes installing them on the hanging systems in our offer. You can create a warm place using the wooden curtain rods and enjoy the distinction offered by steel curtain rods with their various ornamental endings.

  • Collections: 4
  • Models: > 220
  • Material: aluminium, steel, wood, PVC

ALU track systems

Our most advanced curtain track systems are made of Aluminium. With a wide and continuously growing range of aluminium systems we can fulfill even the highest demands.

Modern and trending finishes, paired with advanced technology – you will be pleased by the possibilities.


Colors: glossy white, matt white, matt black anodized, wood imitations, matt anthracite.

  • Lungime: up to 600 cm (depending on the customer’s need).


Metal cornices

The cornices you select must harmonize with the curtain and drapery, to create an aesthetic experience. 

Metal cornices are preferred more by followers of modern trends, but in our collection, there are models that match perfectly even with the classical design of the curtains and drapes.


Colors: matt white, gold, antique gold, chrome, stainless steel, black, black-gold;

  • Diameter: 16, 19, 25 mm;
  • Lenght: 120-300 cm (every 40 cm).

Metal curtain rods

The metal curtain rods out of our own production are perfect for pretentious interiors or for windows where the utility relies on light-weight and ease of use.;

  • Endings: Como, Kegel, Filigrano;
  • Diameter: 20, 28 mm;


  • Colors: white, beige, cherry, brown, brass, chrome, wood imitation, black, black gold, silver.
  • Lenght: 120 | 160 | 200 | 240 | 300 cm.

Wooden curtain rods

The wooden curtain rods have a 28 mm diameter and are made of high quality solid wood. This type of curtain rods gives a special elegance to the room in which they are installed.

Wooden curtain rods are recommended for lovers of Scandinavian style.

  • Endings: Ares, King, Regal, Filigrano;
  • Diameter: 28 mm;


  • Colors: cherry, mahogany, walnut, oak, wenge;
  • Lenght: 120-400 cm (every 20 cm).


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