Curtains & Drapes

The purpose of curtains and drapes is to give a splash of color to the room, increase privacy, create darkness and add a layer of insulation to the windows.

  • Models: > 200
  • Design: classical, floral, geometric
  • Material: flax, cotton, polyester

Curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes, like a painting, complete the look of a room. They cover a large area of the visual field and are therefore important for the overall look of the room. Whether they are used to highlight certain details or they blend majestically with the rest of the elements in the room, the curtains and drapes are an important touch to complete the visual experience.

A drape will allow you to control the amount of heat and light that comes from outside while a light curtain keeps you from prying eyes while allowing diffused light to enter through the window. The drape are also helpful for the bedrooms because they do not allow light to enter which is perfect in those mornings when an extra 30 minutes of darkness can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.


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