PVC Panels

Applying the PVC decorative panel on a wall will quickly transform its appearance, creating a modern and elegant look to the space.

  • Designs: 23
  • Proof: water, humidity
  • Maintanance: washable

PVC Panels

Where can these panels be installed? Practically anywhere: for interior finishing of corridors or hallways, in bathrooms and bedrooms, open balconies and closed balconies. By simply gluing them to the wall or to a part of a wall, it will quickly transform your space and create a modern and elegant look through visual accents and the visual delimitation of the decorated areas.

Immediate effect

A wide range of colors, textures and shapes will give you the opportunity to find and choose the optimal color scheme to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

The panels thus allow you to quickly create a modern and comfortable interior space at a low price and due to the fact that they are resistant to moisture and easy to clean, they do not involve high maintenance costs.

Technical details

  • Panel size: ~955 x 488 mm;
  • Thickness: 0,4 mm;
  • Coverage/panel: 0,466 sqm;
  • Packaging: package of 30 panels (approx. 13.3-14.1 sqm)


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