Roller blinds

With a clean and elegant design, the roller blinds are tailored to your need to control the light, from any room.

  • Models: > 170
  • Design: uni, floral, geometric
  • Opacity: blackout, translucent
rulouri textile

Roller blinds  

The textile roller blinds combines clean lines and structure, with attractive materials and solid colors or sophisticated patterns. We offer materials with different levels of opacity so you can find the right level of privacy for each room.


  • Tube diameter: 17.5, 25, 28, 45 mm;


  • Vintage;
  • Sunset Blo;
  • Sunset Colors;
  • Romance colors;
  • Office;
  • Royal;
  • Thermo;
  • Printed roller blinds (customized).



rulouri textile


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