Window Blinds

The numerous options in terms of shading system make choosing the right solution a challenge for anyone. The wide range available on the market with a wide variety of materials, colors, patterns and textures will create your space a more comfortable living.

  • System: vertical, horizontal
  • Models: > 80
  • Material: textile, PVC or ALU

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds give a touch of modernity to both your home or office, representing a versatile product that can be adapted to your needs and preferences.


  • Van Gogh (20 models);
  • Eden (36 models);
  • Spice (10 models);
  • Opaco (5 models).

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds brings the modern look due to the aluminum they are also available in warmer tones and textures ensuring an pleasant aesthetic look. Moreover, the blinds are resistant to dust, stains and scratches while providing maximum light control and a well-known reliability.


  • Design (17 models).


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